The internship at Beat Sexism offers a distinctive chance to engage directly in combating sexism and gender inequality. By actively participating in our educational and awareness-raising initiatives, you will contribute meaningfully to our efforts to enlighten and inform the public. Throughout your internship, you will immerse yourself in a variety of activities designed to educate society on these critical issues.
3 months
Remote / Hybrid
Receive a completion certificate and potential performance-based recommendations. Explore opportunities for extending our collaboration beyond the internship.

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Intern at Beat Sexism to combat sexism and gender inequality through our initiatives.
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Key components of the internship

What to expect?


Becoming part of an energetic and forward-thinking team dedicated to gender equality presents a chance to collectively learn and grow.


Chance to engage in diverse activities and tailor your internship experience to your interests and our mutual agreement.

Assistance with Educational Initiatives

During your internship, you'll participate in developing and executing educational initiatives on sexism and gender inequality, including material creation, workshop/event assistance, and school presentations.

Awareness Initiatives Support

You will contribute to the creation and spread of awareness campaigns that aim to highlight sexist attitudes and encourage a societal shift. This could involve engaging on social media, crafting articles, and liaising with the media.

Analysis and Research

You will gain experience in analyzing and researching gender inequality, working on data collection, statistical analysis, and report preparation.

Community and Partnership Engagement

You will interact with the public, responding to inquiries and sharing information about the organization's efforts. This role offers experience in community engagement and the chance to foster partnerships with other organizations and institutions.