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At the heart of every societal shift lies a team of visionaries, advocates, and relentless warriors for change. Beat Sexism is more than an organization; it’s a movement of hope and action in the global fight against sexism. Here, your work transcends traditional boundaries, creating long-lasting change felt around the world.
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If you're dedicated, and have a great attitude, we've got room for you. We're trying something new. If you believe you're the right fit, let us know what role you envision for yourself in our team.

As a mission-driven feminist organisation, we firmly believe that top-tier talent, when aligned with a meaningful purpose and the right environment, can bring extraordinary value to any team!
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Seeking a Fundraising Visionary!

We’re on the hunt for a Fundraising Specialist who’s more than just a title.
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Why Choose Beat Sexism?

What to expect?

A World of Impact

Join us and step into a role where your efforts contribute directly to dismantling the structures of sexism. Every project, campaign, and research paper is an opportunity to make history.

Unleash Your Potential

With Beat Sexism, professional growth knows no bounds. Propel your career forward through diverse opportunities, continuous learning, and the freedom to innovate.

Diversity and Inclusion at Its Core

Our strength lies in our diversity. Embrace an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and integral to our collective mission.

Flexibility for a Balanced Life

We're all about flexibility and well-being, embracing a remote-first approach because we know great ideas bloom where you feel most inspired.

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