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The goal of Beat Sexism Articles is to create a welcoming environment and a platform dedicated to high-quality writing.


Times are changing and so are we, which is why our Beat Sexism Talks podcast is coming with a new coat. Our show will now be divided into three themed segments - Innovation, Power and Society.

Three segments, three hosts, many interesting guests and topics.
Blerta & Innovation
AI, Self-Development, Technology, Mentoring

Veronika & Power
Investing, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Diplomacy

Culture, Entertainment, Society, Politics
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Quotes from our supporters

"Stereotypes discriminate. Or at least they fundamentally affect our expectations and behaviour towards others, which is not okay. That's why I support Beat Sexism.Its aim is to document cases of gender discrimination in the Czech Republic and to educate both women and men. On their Instagram, you can find posts about what objectification means, what the Istanbul Convention is about, or why Czech Easter traditions are problematic. They also have a podcast called Beat Sexism Talks, which I like to listen to occasionally while running. I'm glad that we have such an organization in the Czech "online" and that I can represent it."

Michaela Chaloupková

Member of Board of Directors at ČEZ, a. s. , Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer

“I am proud to be a partner of this exhibition, and we were indeed happy to accept this partnership. The reason is quite simple, though in the male-dominated environment that is the energy industry, perhaps actually exceptional. We have one woman in the top managment and that is the director Michaela Chaloupková, who is a great supporter of women and their empowerment. She realizes that her journey to the top was more difficult than her male colleagues. And that is why we welcome all the opportunities where we can help to open up the topic of equality or inequality between women and men, so that we can help to understand that feminism is not a bad word, that it is necessary to open the discussion on topics that are related to equality - one of them is the objectification of the female body or even sexual subliminal violence.”

Petra Junger

Diversity and Inclusion Manager at ČEZ

"Together we are fighting against violence. Beat Sexism has your back when you can't anymore. Sometimes in a funny way, sometimes sassy, but always fair."

Jasmína Houdek

Lektorka Moderní sebeobrany

“We are happy to have joined hands with Beat Sexism in Prague in empowering women with the aim to demonstrate that gender equality is not only a local issue, but a global concern. It is a fundamental human right and essential element of rule of law as well. This exhibition serves as a point of reflection of the challenges that women face worldwide. It highlights the need to confront the privacy of issue of women's objectification that affects women in various societies. We stand in solidarity with this exhibitions message and the broader cause of gender equality. We hope that this event will inspire further awareness, discussion and action to replace objectification of women with empowerment of women. Together we can work towards a future where gender equality is realized and celebrated worldwide.”

Albesjana Iberhysaj

Ambassador of Kosovo to the Czech Republic

“If there were more people (not just young people) who were so aware and committed, we would have much less to worry about in life. Thanks a lot for this!”

Zuzana Holá

Director of Nadace Vodafone ČR

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Ready to make a difference? Explore our current opportunities. Join Beat Sexism today, and be part of a movement that values every voice and action in the fight against sexism and gender inequality. Your journey with us will be one of impactful work, learning, and growth.

Beat Sexism Clubs
The Beat Sexism movement is expanding its current platform by creating Beat Sexism Clubs around the world. The goal of this is to raise awareness of continuing sexism worldwide. We seek to work in a multicultural team in a multicultural and international context.If you're interested to start up a Club or join already existing one in your country, feel free to contact us.

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