Who we are

Beat Sexism is an international organization that focuses on women's rights issues, documenting cases of sexism, gender discrimination and inequality.


Our organization creates initiatives, research and campaigns aimed at educating society about current issues caused by sexism. Some of the most serious topics that we seek to make visible include violence, rape, street harassment, stereotypical (systemic) attitudes towards women and other forms of sexism and discrimination.


We provide and lobby for comprehensive education related to sexism and its awareness about it, which is lacking in public and private institutions.


In an effort to further engage in the conversation of sexism and enhance our educational outreach, we've launched the 'Beat Sexism Talks' podcast series. Our podcast show has three segments: Innovation, Power and Society.







Our mission

Every voice matters

To ignite powerful conversations about gender equality, paving the way towards a fairer, rights-respecting future. Our mission is clear: human rights are a precious legacy, not a privilege. We're not just raising awareness; we're nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Join us in shaping the next-gen leaders, as we expand our vision far beyond the borders. Be a part of this journey – where every voice counts and every action makes a difference.

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Our team

At Beat Sexism, we're not just observers, we're changemakers.

Blerta Sejdija
Veronika Šimková
Tejna Zanchot
Petra Amirouche Kvapilová
Kristýna Choutková